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Current Message Series

Breaking Growth Barriers in Church Planting!

these resources are for the new church that has launched and now needs to further its growth and seeks to understand the various barriers a church goes through in growingg a new work.

6001 Climbing Over 35 in New Church Attendance   pdf   ppt  
6002 Climbing Over 75 in New Church Attendance   pdf   ppt  
6003 Climbing Over 125 in New Church Attendance   pdf   ppt  
6004 Climbing Over 200 in Your New Plant   pdf   ppt  
6005 Climbing Over 400 in New Church Attendance   pdf   ppt  
6006 Climbing Over 800 in New Church Attendance   pdf   ppt  

Pastor's Study
5001 Incorporating Video into Worship   ppt  
5002 Creating Your Own Sermon Illustrations Team   ppt  
5003 How to Use Movie Clips in Worship   ppt  
5004 Going Fishing for Message Titles   ppt  
5005 Developing a Creative Worship Team   ppt  
5006 Seven Ways to Improve this Weeks Message   ppt  
5007 From Pulpit to Power Point   pdf  
5008 How to Find Out if an Illustration is True   ppt  
5009 Illustration Ground Rules   ppt  
5010 Are You Blogging Yet?   ppt  
5011 Rocking Around the Clock your christmas Eve Services!   ppt  
5012 How to Communicate the Gospel in a Secular World!   doc  

Church Promotion
8001 50 Church Marketing Tools Often Overlooked   pdf  
8002 Church Marketing Tools   pdf  

Church Planting Resources

First 500 Days 

It is necessary to plan for the first 500 days and to commit much thought and prayer to this initial strategy for the church plant.

1001 Eleven Consequences of a Pre-mature Launch   doc   ppt  
1002 Top Twenty Mistakes Planter's Make   doc  
1004 Are You Ready to Launch?   ppt  
1005 Five Leadership Blunders   doc  
1003 Shifting Approaches to Evangelism   ppt  
1006 The Cost of Church Planting (People Focused)   doc  
1007 Core Group Helps   doc  
1008 Getting the Scope on Building a Core Group!   doc  
1009 The Copy-Cat Syndrom of Vision Casting   doc  
1010 15 Thing I Wish I Knew Before I Planted   ppt  
1011 Best Practices for Church Planters   ppt  
1012 Enjoy the Ride Principle!   doc  
1013 Things I Wish I Had Know When I Planted My Frist Church   ppt  
1014 Steps to Planting a New Church!   ppt  
1015 Facebook for Pastors   pdf  

Planter's Café

There is a greater need for more churches now than ever before. wants church planters, sponsoring church leaders, and those who work with them to be equipped, trained, and resourced with the latest tools so they can experience success in every new plant.

2001 Practical Plan for Prayer Partner's   doc  
2005 25 Pre-launch Questions for the Planter   ppt  
2007 The Cost of Church Planting   doc  
2004 21 Church Planting Designs   ppt  
2002 Principles for New Work Growth   ppt  
2005 Breaking the 75 Barrier   doc   ppt  
2006 Breaking the 125 Barrier   doc   ppt  
2008 Reaching the Next Generation   pdf  
2009 Eighteen Ways to Keep Your Plant from Advancing   ppt  
2010 Distinctives of a Levelheaded Church Planter   ppt  
2011 Equipping College & Seminary Students for Church Planting   pdf  
2012 Developingt a Bold witness for Christ as a Church Planter!   ppt  

Sponsor's Café

The resources you will find in the Sponsoring Churches Resource Café are targeted specifically in assisting the reproducing church become more successful and useful in this endeavor. Browse through these pages and you will discover many helpful tools for every stage of your sponsoring church journey. Savor the journey!

3001 Do's and Dont's of Sponsoring Churches   ppt  
3002 How to Finance Your New Church   ppt  
3003 Counting the Cost of Sponsoring Churches   doc  
3004 How to Finance Your Sponsored New Work   ppt  
3005 The Cost of Church Planting   doc  
3006 Recommended Web Site Links   doc  
3007 Sponsoring NNCC   ppt  
3008 Developing a Church Planting Checklist Strategically   ppt  
3009 Strategies for Planting Healthy Reproductive Churches   ppt  
3010 Steps to Sponsoring a New Work   ppt  
3011 Sponsoring Starbucks Churches   ppt  
3012 Building Effective Church Planting Partnerships   ppt  

Second 1,000 Days

Not all of these resources will be needed at once but as you grow and continue to gather you will find ample opportunities to use these tools in the next stage of your growth so start at the beginning and continue to press on towards the mark. God will lead you.

4001 Relevant Preaching   ppt  
4003 Seven Frustrations Preachers Face Today   ppt  
4002 Going Fishing for Message Titles   ppt  
4004 Incorporating Video into Your Worship Services   ppt  
4005 Seven Ways to Improve Your Message!   pdf  
4006 Seven Ways to Improve Your Preaching   pdf  
4007 How to Preach in the 21st Century   doc  
4008 Ten Factors for Higher Attendance   ppt  
4009 Outreach Ideas for Growing Churches   ppt  

Twenty Something Thought
7001 An Intro Guide to the Twentysomething Life   doc  
7002 Seven Tactics that Will Never Work!   doc  
7003 Three Stages of a Twentysomething   doc  
7004 Too Busy, Too Tired & Unable to Commit   doc  
7005 What Twentysomethings Wish You Knew   doc  
7006 Retro Versus Metro: A Boomer’s Guide to   doc  
7007 The Great Wait: How Delaying Marriage Is Transforming Church   doc  
7008 The Twentysomethings Are Invading My Service! HELP!!!   doc  
7009 The Love Languages of Twentysomethings   doc  
7010 A Quarter life Crisis?   doc  
7011 Jaded Anyone?   doc  
7012 An Emerging Church: An Interview with Dan Kimball   doc