Useful and timely resources are an important and integral part of assisting our network of church planters. Whether you are a novice planter (first timer), neutral planter (one and only one)or reproductive planter (been there done that & doing it again) there are ministry resources especially designed for you. Please read and download our free resources as you prayerfully consider becoming an active participant in the greater church planting community. PLANT A CHURCH! SAVE OUR NATION!
The First 500 Days of a New Church Start!

Church planters are by nature fast moving catalytic people. Taking time to properly prepare can be challenging. Yet, this was key to Jesus’ approach in preparing His disciples. He dedicated Himself for three years in order that the ministry He began would continue through them. For potential church planters to be effective they too, must take time to prepare. There are a number of questions that should be addressed before launching such a missional endeavor. Planning for a new plant is unlike any other aspect of ministry. Imagine growing a living organism which will be birthed and continued on well after the first launch Sunday. It is critical you do not just plan for your first service but that you plan much further out than that. It is necessary to plan for the first 500 days and to commit much thought and prayer to this initial strategy for the church plant.
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The Church Planter's Resource Cafe

In a world that often appears to be crumbling, the need for Jesus Christ has never been greater! Church planting is one of the most crucial pieces of any evangelistic strategy to reach North America. Evangelistic church planting will produce more changed lives for any area, and can be the catalyst for spiritual renewal of existing churches. There is a greater need for more churches now than ever before. wants church planters, sponsoring church leaders, and those who work with them to be equipped, trained, and resourced with the latest tools so they can experience success in every new plant endeavor.
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The Sponsoring Churches Resource Cafe

The population of North America is 323 Million and growing daily. It is estimated that 226 million are lost and/or unchurched. In order to effectively evangelize and congregationalize this population we need to sponsor healthy new churches everywhere! The resources you will find in the Sponsoring Churches Resource Café are targeted specifically in assisting the reproducing church become more successful and useful in this endeavor. Browse through these pages and you will discover many helpful tools for every stage of your sponsoring church journey. Enjoy the journey!
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Making the Most of Your Next 1000 Days After Launch!

There is not a church planter who has not dreamed of the great things God might do through “their” church plant! I once had visions of planting the next significant church plant in a target area that would become the mirror picture of a large current church that I had firsthand experience. But the Lord reminded me that He plants the church and He is going to lead it the way it should go. With that in mind still there are some important things the new church can do during its first 1000 days of being a new work. I refer to these 1000 days as the days that begin counting after that first launch Sunday’s worship time and the ongoing clock ticking once you have gathered you initial group of people. Within this section you will find helpful tools designed to keep you moving forward in the area of growth and expansion. Not all of these resources will be needed at once but as you grow and continue to gather you will find ample opportunities to use these tools in the next stage of your growth so start at the beginning and continue to press on towards the mark. God will lead you.
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Please contact us if you have any questions about our ministries or would like to know about other opportunities to serve our community that may not be listed here.