Welcome to PlanterDude.com!

PlanterDude.com is a church planting website designed for the training, coaching, resourcing and gathering of today’s younger generation of church planters by Dr. Tom Cheyney. This site is intended to provide cutting edge resources for the challenges that face today’s church planters who are taking the Gospel message to all ends of the world.

Our aim is to provide key resources for the church planter and his team beginning one year before launch and moving forward until the third year after launch. Our staff and contributors are all church planters and have grown churches of all sizes including those that have grown into large regional impact churches!

It is our desire to provide you with not only easily downloadable resources that you can use immediately with your core group.  But also to assist your growing congregation that has fully launched and now desires to continue to see God’s blessing of even greater growth! Within these pages you will find resources provided in four main easy to use areas:

All of the resources found within this web site are designed to assist the church planter and his team to reach greater effectiveness in evangelizing and planting a new church that extends the Kingdom of God and impacts the world! If we can help you in your church planting ministry, please contact us via our email and we will be happy to assist you. PlanterDude.com creates new resources weekly so if you do not find what you are looking for just ask and perhaps we have what you are looking for and have just not posted it yet! At any rate we look forward to working together with you as you continue along your church planting journey.

God Bless! John 3:17 &18 OUT!